Game of Thrones enters the Guinness World Record, 2016!

Game of Thrones the unbelievably popular TV Series makes it to the Guinness World Record 2016 for being the “largest TV drama simulcast“. All credit goes to the second episode of its fifth season. This episode was broadcast to a massive 173 countries at the same time. This HBO’s TV Show just passed by “CSI”, a series that had been broadcast in 171 countries only five weeks previously. Maisie Williams, popularly known as Arya Stark from the show collected the award on behalf of Thrones and her co-stars.

A beauty tip from an acid attack survivor, Reshma is the best inspiration of fightback!

If a boy’s think that attacking a girl with acid on her face, makes them look cool or satisfies their ego, then they are wrong. It actually shows how awfully coward they are. We have heard so many cases of acid attacks on girls just because they said no to a boy who liked her. Will you say again that’s it’s the girl’s fault? There are n number of problems that this country is dealing with and this is one of the powerful ones. But have you seen or heard about a guy getting arrested and given imprisonment who has done an acid attack? No. Nobody has. Nobody understands the pain of the girl who loses her identity,her face with no mistake of her own.

This man from Chennai offers full meal for just one rupee for Poor in his mess! Respect!

What is the value of Re 1 in our lives now a days? Some coins will be lying here and there, some in our meaningless pockets , some just to use for heads n tails. But, in this mess, Mr Venkatraman is serving full meals in just Re 1 to the poor lives. Sri AMV Homely Mess at Erode, Tamil Nadu, owned by this person is happy to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for Re 1 for each meal. It is situated just outside the government hospital and from where the very idea of serving the poor came to his mind. The attenders in the hospital cannot afford meals throughout the day even , as they are very poor and they may be cutting out their food expenses to buy medicines.