Google allows Android smartwatch to sync with IOS now.

A good news for all the android smartwatch users who has got iPhones. Google announces that Android Wear watches are now compatible with iOS. Yes, you have to install a iOS sync app called Android wear app which is available in apple store to use your android smartwatches to sync with your iPhones, iPhone5 and newer.Once connected you’ll receive notifications from all your iPhone apps, right on your wrist, as well as timely information from Google Now (like traffic alerts, weather and flight status). You can also use the Android Wear app to configure your wearable device, including which notifications appear on your watch.

This Grandma provides free lunches to 200 kids every summer! Faith in Humanity restored!

Who says humanity is gone from this earth and never coming back. This lady in Grays Harbor County in Washington makes us feel there is still something left. Phyllis Shaughnessy is a grandmother and an angel to almost 200 kids in her district. She is coming out of home drives her own car to deliver free summer lunches to kids around the neighborhood.  When she realized that the school districts are not offering free or lower lunch prices for the kids, she started a fundraiser to provide them with food as they go hungry without them.

Raksha Bandhan, a day is never sufficient enough to recall and cherish the precious memories you have with your siblings.

We came to this world alone but surrounded by too many people to adore you. But, there will be one person present all the time to tease you, to fight with you , to complain about you and to be there for you. That is your sibling. He will become your first best friend and also your first enemy. He will fight like WWE wrestlers but he will hold your hand while crossing the road. That is your sibling. He will pull your hair when no one’s around but he will accept your crimes in front of dad to save you.

Armed Drones with weapons are made legal in North Dakota!!

Drones are the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with high resolution cameras. These are used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by on board computers or by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. They are usually deployed for military and They are usually deployed for military and special operation applications and for missions that are too dangerous for a manned aircraft.

19 year old Harsh praised by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, is a dream come true for him!

Entrepreneurship, Startups, Businesses, these are the things Indian teenagers are talking about nowadays. It is very fulfilling and proud to watch Indian leaders in Silicon Valley and changing the world. It is true that Indian Startups don’t get a proper platform to embrace their ideas. Some people get it done, some ideas just never reach reality. Facebook is identifying such raw and amazing ideas which can take the technology level of the world to the next one.