StoryGAG was started in October 2014 with a single aim. Post any kind of story which is worth a visitor’s time. May it be a two minute short film, a random satire, trending news item or an opinion on a social issue. Whatever the story be, quality is one of the most important thing we look at before posting. We don’t have any funding by an Angel investor or we don’t have backing of any celebrity to promote our website. We trust that content is king and if we post good stuff, people receive it well. We contemplated this fact over the past 6-8 months of our site’s run.

Just wanted to present you some data picked up from our Analytics tool so that you can understand the reach we had over the past few months. All the site’s setup, design and content aggregation was done by couple of people. We think it’s time to take StoryGAG to the next level by inviting enthusiastic writers who can write quality stuff and at the same time build a crowd sourced website on the lines of BuzzFeed (A Phenomenon in USA).




So, what are the requirements?

  1. Choose your area of interest. It can be anything (except for nasty stuff)
  2. Write good quality content (The language need not be complex. It can be simple but should address the point neatly)
  3. Not just writing, you can be a good photographer or a designer or a budding musician. Anything which will be of visitors interest is counted.
  4. We believe in freedom of content. But if you are using anyone’s stuff to write content, give proper credits to the original author


What do you get in return?

  1. A fixed amount per approved post
  2. Meet new people who have similar interests
  3. Your views can be reached to large set of audience and you may become famous in no time
  4. If you are already a seasoned blogger, you can guest blog and get backlinks


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