You can save your memories on this App! This Hyderabadi Startup is making it big!

So, what are the things you do to keep your memories intact? Maybe write a Diary or ask your friends with whom you have shared your incident with. If you don’t get any leads on your memory, what do you do? You may curse your memory and luck and go on with your work. This has what challenged Sai Kiran Gunda to open an Online Memory log known as Memilog to write your memories and cherish them long after that.

Why buying the new iPhone will be the best investment yet

Apple’s new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus were released on 9th Sep. There were few new additions that were expected and some rumors such as new battery with fuel cells that were not present with this release. This post will discuss what’s new with the iPhone and why investing your money in this new iPhone is still a good idea!

This Grandma provides free lunches to 200 kids every summer! Faith in Humanity restored!

Who says humanity is gone from this earth and never coming back. This lady in Grays Harbor County in Washington makes us feel there is still something left. Phyllis Shaughnessy is a grandmother and an angel to almost 200 kids in her district. She is coming out of home drives her own car to deliver free summer lunches to kids around the neighborhood.  When she realized that the school districts are not offering free or lower lunch prices for the kids, she started a fundraiser to provide them with food as they go hungry without them.

19 year old Harsh praised by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, is a dream come true for him!

Entrepreneurship, Startups, Businesses, these are the things Indian teenagers are talking about nowadays. It is very fulfilling and proud to watch Indian leaders in Silicon Valley and changing the world. It is true that Indian Startups don’t get a proper platform to embrace their ideas. Some people get it done, some ideas just never reach reality. Facebook is identifying such raw and amazing ideas which can take the technology level of the world to the next one.