Ever wondered how long will it take for you to die if you stop eating? Find out!

Did you ever wonder what happens to your body if you stop eating? Or did you ever thought how long will you survive without food? I have always wondered about this whenever I watch a movie with Apocalyptic backdrop. Food is so important to our body that we just forgot the importance of it since we have abundance of it. 

This Grandma provides free lunches to 200 kids every summer! Faith in Humanity restored!

Who says humanity is gone from this earth and never coming back. This lady in Grays Harbor County in Washington makes us feel there is still something left. Phyllis Shaughnessy is a grandmother and an angel to almost 200 kids in her district. She is coming out of home drives her own car to deliver free summer lunches to kids around the neighborhood.  When she realized that the school districts are not offering free or lower lunch prices for the kids, she started a fundraiser to provide them with food as they go hungry without them.