The Oldest Giant Panda celebrates her Guinness World Records and 37th birthday with Bamboo veggie cake!

The oldest giant Panda alive , Jia Jia in captivity in Hong Kong park celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday. She has many reasons to celebrate other than her birthday too. Jia Jia holds  two Guinness World Records of the oldest ever and the oldest living Giant Panda. She is the most adorable creature you will see and she indeed was happy to see the big Bamboo veggie cake with 37 written on it.

Save the Tigers! Let’s celebrate International Tiger Day and become aware.

International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th of July, just to make people aware of how fast and crazily we are losing our own wild tigers. This day is observed worldwide for the enlightenment of the reservation of Tigers. We all visit zoos and sanctuaries with our families and enjoy looking at the amazing wild tigers, who are indeed our National animal.