Why buying the new iPhone will be the best investment yet

Apple’s new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus were released on 9th Sep. There were few new additions that were expected and some rumors such as new battery with fuel cells that were not present with this release. This post will discuss what’s new with the iPhone and why investing your money in this new iPhone is still a good idea!

Google allows Android smartwatch to sync with IOS now.

A good news for all the android smartwatch users who has got iPhones. Google announces that Android Wear watches are now compatible with iOS. Yes, you have to install a iOS sync app called Android wear app which is available in apple store to use your android smartwatches to sync with your iPhones, iPhone5 and newer.Once connected you’ll receive notifications from all your iPhone apps, right on your wrist, as well as timely information from Google Now (like traffic alerts, weather and flight status). You can also use the Android Wear app to configure your wearable device, including which notifications appear on your watch.