Babies annoying their dogs! The most adorable and funny compilation I have ever seen.

babies playing with dogs

Aren’t dogs the cutest creatures in this world. The kids surely think so. The babies who didn’t even started talking yet, find their best friend in their pet dogs as they pour you an unconditional love. And this friendship remains for a lifetime, no matter what. They will  be the most loyal, faithful and lovable mates you will ever have.

This story of a man rescuing abused and injured old dogs will melt your heart today!

Thayne Hamilton and his wife Christine, are the two most beautiful people in the world because nothing is more selfless and noble than helping animals who need them. We always talk about/debate about sexual and mental abuse with humans, but we never talk about the animals, to be more precise, the lovely dogs who are not just tamed as pets are also  physically abused. Thayne and Christine has a dog rescue group called Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary on Orcas Island in Washington which help the needy dogs.