Ritesh Agarwal, a successful entrepreneur and CEO at 17 proves that age is no bar!

At 17, when thousands of kids around the country are busy trying to get 95+ percentages in their schools, this kid was struck by a light bulb! Ritesh Agarwal, Orissa born kid had an idea and he did not wanted to wait to create it and achieve success in it. Yes, he is the founder of OYO Rooms, the most convenient and comfortable hotel choice according thousands of people around the nation.

This cute little kid doing Taekwondo in the most adorable way!

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Arts technique which comprises of kicks mostly. In Korea, small kids will have Taekwondo classes and they look too adorable doing them. This little kid is trying to break a board as a part of his class for which he will get a white belt.