This man from Chennai offers full meal for just one rupee for Poor in his mess! Respect!

What is the value of Re 1 in our lives now a days? Some coins will be lying here and there, some in our meaningless pockets , some just to use for heads n tails. But, in this mess, Mr Venkatraman is serving full meals in just Re 1 to the poor lives. Sri AMV Homely Mess at Erode, Tamil Nadu, owned by this person is happy to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for Re 1 for each meal. It is situated just outside the government hospital and from where the very idea of serving the poor came to his mind. The attenders in the hospital cannot afford meals throughout the day even , as they are very poor and they may be cutting out their food expenses to buy medicines.

This Grandma provides free lunches to 200 kids every summer! Faith in Humanity restored!

Who says humanity is gone from this earth and never coming back. This lady in Grays Harbor County in Washington makes us feel there is still something left. Phyllis Shaughnessy is a grandmother and an angel to almost 200 kids in her district. She is coming out of home drives her own car to deliver free summer lunches to kids around the neighborhood.  When she realized that the school districts are not offering free or lower lunch prices for the kids, she started a fundraiser to provide them with food as they go hungry without them.