This video perfectly tells what’s wrong with present Gender issues in India!

The recent Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh’s case has opened up the most underrated debate about Gender equality in India. The society has come to such an extent that most of the girls blame boys without a thought and boys started not believing girls anymore. This situation is perfectly captured in this particular video!

11 years old Golfing little prodigy Shubham Jaglan; son of a rural milkman!

He is 11. He is a golf world champion. He is from a village in Haryana. Yes, Shubham Jaglan is from a small village Israna, making it proud by his achievements. His father is a milkman in the village and none of the family members are into golfing obviously. But thanks to Mr. Kapur Singh who decided to open a golf academy in the village for kids. Started off with shabby, non classic golf clubs, the village boy made it huge with his own talent.

Ritesh Agarwal, a successful entrepreneur and CEO at 17 proves that age is no bar!

At 17, when thousands of kids around the country are busy trying to get 95+ percentages in their schools, this kid was struck by a light bulb! Ritesh Agarwal, Orissa born kid had an idea and he did not wanted to wait to create it and achieve success in it. Yes, he is the founder of OYO Rooms, the most convenient and comfortable hotel choice according thousands of people around the nation.