This before and after video showing Visual Effects of Baahubali is truly fantastic!

Baahubali, the biggest motion picture of India went on the become the highest grossing movie in India and third highest in the World for Indian movies. It has broken numerous records as well. But one thing that made Baahubali successful is the use of Visual Effects in the right way. Apart from certain scenes, most of the scenes in the movie are as real as possible.

Which Baahubali movie character are you?

which baahubali movie character are you
which baahubali movie character are you

  1. Choose an animal or a bird or an insect among the following

  2. What does Victory mean for you?

  3. How do you solve the most complicated problem in the world?

  4. What will you do if you have a lot of money?

  5. How will you pass your free time?

  6. What is your favorite sport or game or activity?

  7. What is your favorite colour?